Summer online jazz programs now open for registration

Last year, SJW had such overwhelmingly positive feedback to Jazz Camp Online that we decided to expand our summer jazz online experience with a new program for 2021: Jazz Institute Online.

Giving participants access to some of the great jazz musicians of the world, Jazz Institute Online is designed for adults 18 and over, though musicians age 17 and younger may audition for acceptance into the program. This week-long intensive jazz program offers four 75-minute live sessions per day, plus access to prerecorded lessons, panel discussions, performances, and fun live sessions such as the Charlie Parker Memorial Jam Session and the inspiring Morning Meetings.

Find out more about Jazz Institute Online by clicking here. 

Jazz Camp Online offers two 1-week sessions for students aged 18 and younger. Participants get four 40-minute live sessions per day in which they study and learn from some of the greatest jazz educators in the country. Fun events such as the Blues of the Week Contest and Charlie Parker Memorial Jam Session round out the week, and access to prerecorded lessons, master classes, panel discussions, and more give students a very deep dive into improving their jazz skills.

Find out more about Jazz Camp Online by clicking here. 

The dates for the programs are:

Week 1 Jazz Camp Online
July 11 – July 16

Week 2 Jazz Camp Online
July 18 – July 23

Jazz Institute Online
July 25 – July 30

Spring Miles Ahead programs for high school musicians: Which one is right for you?

We are very excited about our spring programs for high school musicians. The programs were very popular this past fall, and we had nearly 100 students participating, from all over the US, and in other countries, too!

We’re introducing a new program this spring, the Miles Ahead Institute, taught by Steven Lugerner. It’s a little different than our Miles Ahead Jazz Online program, and we want to help you to decide which of the programs is best for you. Most of the students who have signed up so far have signed up for both programs, which gives you a discount on the tuition, as well as an intensive 8-week program that will really improve your jazz playing.

Below is a comparison chart that will give you a little more detail about the two programs and how they differ. Please read over the program pages for each program as well, and don’t hesitate to contact our faculty and camp director, Steven Lugerner if you have any questions at [email protected].

Find out more about Miles Ahead Jazz Online by clicking here.

Find out more about Miles Ahead Institute by clicking here. 

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Registration for spring and summer programs now open

You can now register for our spring and summer jazz immersion programs! Don’t forget to register by February 1, 2015 to receive the $50 Early Bird discount. Need help deciding which program is right for you or your child? Visit the links below to read about each program.

  • Giant Steps Day Camp  for middle school students offers a fun week of learning jazz styles and improvisation in big band and small group settings. No audition is required for admission, but students will be evaluated in advance to determine class placement.
  • Jazz Camp is for musicians aged 12 – 17, and provides a fun, encouraging environment in which to get immersed in jazz improvisation and combo playing. No audition is required for admission, but students will be evaluated in advance to determine class placement.
  • 2-Week Jazz Comprehensive provides 13 days of structured instruction in jazz improvisation, jazz performance, and instrumental and vocal mastery. No audition is required for admission, but students will be evaluated in advance to determine class placement.
  • Jazz Institute gives instrumentalists and vocalists a chance to work with the greatest jazz artists of our time. Auditions are required only for first-time applicants to the Vocal Program and for first-time instrumental applicants aged 17 or younger. All students will be evaluated in advance for class placement.
  • 2-Week Jazz Advanced Intensive for experienced high school musicians offers the best of both worlds: the structured curriculum of Jazz Camp and direct contact with the top jazz artists at the Jazz Institute. Auditions are required.
  • Giant Steps Jazz Singers gives middle school singers a fantastic introduction to ensemble singing and vocal improvisation.

Don’t forget, financial aid is available. Click here to learn more about financial aid.