Download the Jazz Residency Concert Roster here

Tonight’s the night! Everyone is excited for the big show at Jazz Residency this evening.

The Concert Roster lets you quickly find your Resident (or Residents), and the location of their perfomance (or performances).

You can download it by clicking on this link!

The Concert Roster lists all performers:

  • alphabetically
  • with the name of the venue in which they’ll be performing
  • and the numerical order in which they’ll be performing

Each performance by an instrumental combo takes about 10 minutes, with two to three minutes of setup and teardown time for a total of about 15 minutes for each instrumental combo. So if your Resident’s schedule says:

04 Dinkelspiel Auditorium

That means they are the fourth combo to play tonight in Dinkelspiel, which opens at 7:15 p.m. If each of the three previous combos take approximately 10 minutes each, then your Resident’s combo will go on at approximately 7:45.

If your Resident is giving a vocal performance in Braun Rehearsal Hall, please note that vocal performances take approximately 5 minutes each. So if your Resident’s schedule says:

04 Braun Rehearsal Hall

This means your camper is singing fourth in Braun, which would be at approximately 7:35 p.m.

Keep in mind that timings are approximate! All the venues are very close to each other, so you’ll never have far to go to find your Resident — as you can see from the map above.

The schedule for the evening will go something like this:

7:15 p.m. Jazz Residency Performances at CoHo
A show at CoHo is always fun, with food and drink available as you listen.

7:15 p.m. Braun Rehearsal Hall Vocal Performances
The vocal performances are in a beautifully-lit hall, and accompanied by a professional jazz trio.

7:15 p.m. Campbell Recital Hall Combo Performances
This intimate recital hall makes the Residents sound great.

7:15 p.m. Dinkelspiel Recital Hall Combo Performances
There’s nothing like performing on the big stage of Dinkelspiel.

We have made every effort to schedule the venues appropriately to allow parents who have more than one child at Jazz Residency to see both combo performances.  We have also done our best to honor requests to play early or late.  At this point, we cannot make changes to the concert schedule.  Please do not contact our office to request changes.