Updated November 16, 2023

How to Prepare

For All Program Participants

You’ll get the most out of your experience at SJW if you practice every day, year-round. At a minimum, spend time playing your instrument or singing each day, starting four to six weeks before camp. Specifically, you can prepare for SJW by spending time with these great online play-along resources by the SJW faculty!

Warm up and refresh your knowledge of scales and arpeggios

Warm up with what you know! Practice scales, arpeggios, or rhythm patterns and apply them to improvisation by playing along with these SJW faculty members! Sheet music included for download in the description sections. 

Dorian Mode warmup with Steven Lugerner, Caili O’Doherty, Kristen Strom, JJ Kirkpatrick, and John Sturino

Mixolydian Mode warmup with Steven Lugerner, Ben Flocks, Naomi Siegel, and Markus Howell

Play great jazz tunes and practice improvising

We’ve have 15 beloved jazz tunes, recorded by our amazing SJW faculty artists, ready for you to play along with! There’s nothing to download, just choose your tune and part, and the sheet music pops up on your screen for you to play. Scroll down on the sheet music to learn scales, voicings, and patterns that can help you sound great quickly!

Click here for the SJW Real Easy Book Player.