How to purchase your Stanford Jazz Festival tickets

We’re very happy to introduce you to our new ticketing system, which will provide you with much better service than our former system. We think you’ll find the experience smooth and simple. 

As an SJW member, you’re already set up in the system. All you need to do is to sign in the very first time you use the system. Here’s how to do it.

1. Locate your Order Confirmation email & membership code

Within the hour you’ll receive — or perhaps you’ve already received — an Order Confimation email that we sent to you from the ticketing system. The From and Subject will look like this:

When you open the Order Confirmation email, you’ll see your ten-digit Membership Code here:

Copy or write down your Membership Code and keep it handy; you’ll need to enter it to make your log-in process go quickly. 

2. Sign in to the new ticketing system

Let’s check out a Stanford Jazz Festival event page! 

Click here and choose any concert event

Click on the BUY TICKETS button on the event page of your choice.

On the next page, click on ENTER MEMBERSHIP CODE:

Type in or paste your ten-digit Membership Code as shown, and click the CONTINUE button:

Once your membership information appears, click on your name in the upper right to access your account details. 

Click MY ACCOUNT in the next box:

Now let’s set up your password.  Scroll to the bottom of the account information page, and click on the Edit icon on the SIGN-IN INFO box:

Create a Password, and save it along with your Membership Code.

 3. Get your tickets to the Stanford Jazz Festival!

Click on your browser’s Back button, and then click on the TICKETS button:

This will take you to a list of Stanford Jazz Festival events where you can purchase tickets at the reduced prices for SJW members! The system should recognize you every time you return, as well. 

You can also click here to see the entire season.

Once you’ve added tickets to your cart, click ADD TICKETS to add more tickets to the same show, or click CONTINUE SHOPPING to select tickets from other shows.

Having trouble? Call 650- 249-4109 or email [email protected].

See you at the Festival!