Meal cards
Each Minor Dorm Resident is given two electronic Meal Cards that will cover food costs at Tresidder Student Union eateries and Stanford Dinning cafeterias for the entire week. Each card will be loaded with a larger amount than we estimate the participant will likely need. This is to make sure that all the participant’s meals are covered for the week. We ask that all participants use their meal cards responsibly in order to have their amount last throughout week.

At the end of the week we anticipate that most students will probably have some remaining balance. The meal cards are equivalent to cash and are not free money. Any amount unused does not get charged to SJW and goes straight back into helping SJW be able to provide valuable music education. Lost cards should be reported immediately to a counselor or to SJW staff since they are as valuable as cash. New meal cards need to be ordered and processed through University Dining, so please keep your card in a secure spot when not in use.

SJW food cards can be used at the Tresidder Student Union eateries (including Subway) and the Dining Halls. Click here for a current list of the Tresidder Union eateries.

There are a few retail food services such as Jamba Juice, Fraîche and Starbucks Coffee that do not accept SJW Meal Cards. Participants should bring some spending money if they want to purchase food from other eateries. Counselors will review the meal plan at the dorm meeting on Sunday at the 12:00 p.m. Dorm Resident Orientation.