My favorite thing? Direct one-on-one teaching, exactly where I need to be taught and challenged in my artistic endeavors.
~ Jazz Institute participant

Adults 18+,
17 and under by audition

Prerequisite: 18 months instruction

July 28 – August 2

Stanford University Campus

On-campus housing for adults;
double occupancy or single occupancy (if available)
17 and under can choose on-campus housing and meal plan, or commute from off-campus

Program Highlights:

  • Menu-based program: You select your classes and activities
  • Classes led by world-class jazz artists and marquee faculty

Program Focus

  • Small combo, one-on-a-part improvisation and performance
  • Instrument-specific and vocal master classes
  • Combo placement by experience and level
  • Jazz theory, applied theory, reharmonization and musicianship classes
  • Special presentations from legendary jazz artists
  • Free admission to nightly Stanford Jazz Festival concerts and CoHo jams
  • Organized, guided jam sessions nightly
  • Showcase Friday afternoon
TUITION: $1,650

Jazz Institute

AtJazz Institute, you’ll have a six-day intensive interaction with jazz legends, top professionals, gifted educators, and motivated students from around the world. You choose your own classes from a curriculum that includes masterclasses, theory, musicianship, arranging, and more. Unique to the Jazz Institute are the Special Presentations given by artist faculty on topics in which they specialize or have particular experience — imagine your favorite jazz artists telling you the secrets of their musical success! Every night, you can go to the Stanford Jazz Festival concert, the student jam sessions, and the CoHo Jam featuring some of the top artists in the world.

Ideal for adult jazz players at all levels, Jazz Institute provides a high-quality introduction to improvisation — you don’t need to have any previous experience with jazz at all. Intermediate and advanced musicians and professionals will be challenged and encouraged to improve by our amazing faculty artists. Jazz Institute is also perfect for musicians skilled in other musical genres looking to gain experience in jazz, as well as music educators who want to hone their jazz skills for teaching and performance. It’s the perfect place for anyone looking to reconnect with music.

Jazz Institute is also open to young musicians with advanced jazz skills. SJW’s inter-generational approach gives unparalleled access to some of the greatest jazz musicians in the world, so young players can learn directly from living legends, touring artists, and recording pros. 

Classes, combos, and other activities will mix participants of all ages, which enhances the learning experience for all.

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