Our camps are designed to let you concentrate, explore and flourish as a developing jazz musician.
~ Signatory

Adults and Advanced Young Singers Under 17

Prerequisite: 18 months instruction
Audition required

July 30 – August 4, 2017
Stanford University Campus
stay on campus or commute from off-campus
meal plan available for minors who stay on campus

Program Highlights

  • Tailored to experience and ability
  • Led by world-class jazz artists and educators

Program Focus

  • Advanced students develop their own unique style and work on daily professional trio singing
  • Master classes such as Scat Lab
  • Daily theory class for vocalists
  • Presentations in Latin rhythms and percussion, the business of music, creating your own book of charts, songwriting, improvising, stage presence, and more.
  • Lectures with visiting national artists
  • Singing with a professional trio
  • Nightly jam sessions in Campbell Recital Hall
  • Student performance on Thursday night
  • Shed with Fred: an individual session with pianist and coach Fred Harris
  • Masterclasses in improvisation, chart writing, singing fundamentals, business of music, new takes on old tunes & band communication

Jazz Institute Vocal Program

This special track of the jazz institute vocal program integrates a limited number of advanced singers into the instrumental combo program. The Jazz Institute vocal program is designed for amateur and professional-level adult singers, and for highly advanced young singers. Focused on solo jazz singing with rhythm section. A special program called “Sing Like a Horn” puts individual singers in instrumental combos, where they function just like a horn, reading arrangements, improvising solos, and blending with the other horns. All first-time participants must audition in advance.

Jazz Institute Vocal Program Classes and Activities:

  • Jazz theory – focuses on harmony, song forms, scales, and advanced concepts
  • Musicianship – focuses on ear training and rhythm exercises
  • Masterclass – virtuoso faculty members teach advanced techniques
  • Special presentations and demonstrations – SJW faculty relate their experiences as leading artists in jazz, perform live demonstrations, and answer questions about what it’s like to study, perform, compose, and live a life in jazz
  • Small ensembles / combos – daily rehearsals in small combos directed by faculty artists
  • Private lessons – every student receives a private lesson with SJW faculty
  • Jam sessions – fun, optional playing sessions with other students and faculty
  • Afternoon free time – relax, practice or take part in the talent show, dorm dance, ice cream social, sports, arts and crafts, and jam sessions.