COVID safety for in-person programs

Updated Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Testing/vaccination: All program participants must provide proof of vaccination against COVID,  or proof of a negative PCR test conducted within 72 hours of the start of your program. (Tests may be performed by Menlo College staff upon arrival at an additional cost. Allow extra time for the test and its results.)

Combo Cohorts: Each combo group will meet and rehearse as a separate group, and combo cohorts will not co-mingle indoors. During Friday’s Student Showcases, each combo will perform on the same stage, but only one combo at a time will be allowed on stage, and all commonly touched surfaces (music stands, microphones, etc.) will be sterilized between combos.

Daily Checks: All participants will have their temperature checked daily upon arrival, and will be asked a series of health screening questions. Any participants exhibiting symptoms or showing a temperature above normal will not be allowed to attend the program. (See cancellation policies, below.)

Face Masks: Facemasks are required of all participants while on the Menlo College campus, except for individuals with a documented medical or other condition, which would exempt them from this requirement. Musician masks, with appropriate openings for specific instruments or vocalists, must also be worn at all times.

Bell Covers: Covers for all wind instruments will be required. All participants are encouraged to bring appropriate covers for your instrument. Bell covers and musician masks may be purchased from Music Village in San Jose or other online retailer. Homemade two ply bell covers are also acceptable: an internet search will bring up many examples.

Ventilation: All classrooms at Menlo College have windows for ventilation. There is no air conditioning in the classrooms. Every practice room will break for five minutes after 45 minutes of practice and the room will be emptied,and fans turned on, to exchange the air in the room. All rooms will be emptied between combo classes to allow for air exchange.

Physical Distancing: Ensemble spaces shall be arranged to accommodate social distancing, with each participant spaced six feet or more apart. Participants may not move these space assignments.

Hand Sanitizer and Hand Washing: Hand sanitizer will be available in every classroom and at check in. All participants should use sanitizer upon arrival, departure, and after any breaks in the program. Participants are encouraged to wash their hands before the start and at the conclusion of their combo session.

Sanitization: Each ensemble practice space and all commonly touched surfaces (e.g., light switches, keyboards, drum sets, music stands, chairs, etc.) will be sterilized before and after each ensemble session.

Water Keys (“Spit Valves”): Musicians must empty water keys (“spit valves”) into paper towels or trash receptacles (SJW provided). Used paper towels must be discarded in designated receptacles. Musicians must turn away from other participants while emptying their water keys and must use hand sanitizer after disposing of used paper towels.

Instrument Cleaning: Any cleaning or oiling of instruments may not be done on site, and must be performed at home prior to arrival or after departure.

Beverages: All participants must bring their own water bottles or other beverages as needed. Public drinking fountains will not be available.

Notification: If any participant receives a positive COVID diagnosis during their program, all other participants in their specific ensemble will be notified immediately. These participants may receive a prorated refund for any remaining sessions upon request. If a larger outbreak requires the cancellation of the program, all participants will be notified immediately and cancellation policies described below shall apply.