David Lechuga

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David Lechuga is a Mexican-American guitarist and multi-instrumentalist from San Jose, California. He is a fixture of the Bay Area’s music scene, performing in the worlds of Jazz, Afro-Latin music, Funk, RnB, Rap, extreme music, and free improvisation. He has performed at iconic local jazz festivals including SF Jazz, Stanford Jazz, and San Jose Jazz, and has appeared abroad in Canada, Colombia and the Jazz Plaza Festival in Havana, Cuba. He has performed or recorded with notable artists across genres including Yeny Valdes (of Los Van Van), La Doña, Thomas Pridgen, and rappers Kool A.D. and Lil B “The Based God.” He was selected as a Distinguished Graduate of Jazz from Sonoma State University, where he studied with Randy Vincent, and studied free improvisation, contemporary music, and Haitian Drumming at Mills College with Roscoe Mitchell, Zeena Parkins, Tomeka Reid, William Winant, John Bischoff, and Daniel Brevil.

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