Rafael Enciso

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Meet Rafael Enciso, a young bassist and composer whose talent and passion are making a mark on the New York jazz scene. Hailing from Ithaca, New York, Rafael has found a second home in the vibrant jazz community of New York City, where they’ve become a sought-after musician. Their dynamic bass lines and innovative compositions have made him a key figure in the Dayna Stephens Quartet and earned them collaborations with acclaimed artists like Miguel Zenon, Ingrid Jensen, Charles Altura, and more. From iconic venues like the Jazz Gallery to festivals nationwide including the Detroit Jazz Festival and the Montreal Jazz Festival, Rafael brings an infectious energy to every performance.

Beyond their prowess on the bass, Rafael is also a gifted composer, recognized for their fresh perspective on improvised music. Industry veterans like Jason Moran have recognized Rafael as a unique voice within the genre, inviting Rafael to the 2024 Betty Carter Jazz Ahead program, where he will perform his compositions at the Kennedy Center. You can hear Rafael on Christian McGhee’s album, A Winged Resilience (featuring Ben Wendel, Jahari Stampley, and Michael Mayo), which will be released on May 20th

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