Jazz Residency: New video shows you what it’s like

Been wondering what our adult jazz immersion camp is like? Jazz Residency offers a week-long intensive interaction with jazz legends, top professionals, gifted educators, and motivated students from around the world. The curriculum includes master classes, small ensemble playing, and performance opportunities, as well as theory, musicianship, arranging, Afro-Latin jazz and jazz history instruction. Jazz Residency is ideal for jazz students at all levels; musicians from other musical genres looking to gain insight and experience in jazz; music educators seeking to hone their jazz skills in teaching and performance; and adults looking to reconnect with music or get started in jazz. For adult jazz camps, you can’t beat it.

Find out about all aspects of the Jazz Residency program—including our special songwriting, vocal, and piano trio programs—by clicking here to watch our new Jazz Residency Overview video!