2014 SJW faculty announced

We’re pleased to announce the premilinary lineup for the 2014 Stanford Jazz Workshop faculty. We’re adding new faculty members every day, so please check our faculty page for detailed profiles and new additions. 

Jazz Day Camp

  • Kristen Strom (saxophone)
  • Dave Gregoric (trombone)
  • Josh Thurston-Milgrom (bass)

Jazz Camp

  • Sax: Jimmy Heath, Kristen Strom, Lynn Speakman
  • Trumpet: David Hart
  • Trombone: Dave Gregoric
  • Drums: Ndugu Chancler, Tootie Heath
  • Percussion: Tupac Mantilla
  • Piano: Jeb Patton, Taylor Eigsti, Bennett Paster Joe Gilman, Victor Lin
  • Voice: Sandy Cressman, Wendy McCain
  • Bass: Josh Thurston-Milgrom, Rob Kohler
  • Guitar: Dave Yamasaki, Scott Sorkin
  • Strings: Victor Lin

Jazz Institute

  • Special presentation: Chick Corea
  • Piano: Fred Hersch, George Cables, Taylor Eigsti, Dena DeRose, Benett Paster, Victor Lin
  • Drums: Peter Erskine, Jeff Ballard
  • Percussion: Tupac Mantilla
  • Guitar: Julian Lage
  • Bass: Larry Grenadier, Josh Thurston-Milgrom, Rob Kohler, David Wong
  • Sax: Jimmy Heath, Mark Turner, Dayna Stephens, Patrick Wolff
  • Trumpet: Jeremy Pelt
  • Voice: Madeline Eastman, Dena DeRose

Songwriting @ SJW

  • Cliff Goldmacher
  • Bonnie Hayes