Dear friends,

Stanford Jazz Workshop’s landmark 50th season brought so many of us back together to create, celebrate, and share the joys of inspired music and brilliant teaching. It was a wonderful homecoming to a vibrant community we’ve been building together and caring for over all these years.

We are now at the perfect time to look forward and begin our transition to a new generation of leadership. Over the past few years the SJW Board has been developing a plan that will ensure that SJW’s programs and the community they serve will continue to thrive in the years ahead. This next chapter is rich with possibility and new vision to build upon our strong foundation of artistic and educational achievement, and excellence in staff, executive leadership, and Board governance.

Our current Executive Director, David Miller, who has made an enormous, invaluable contribution to SJW’s success over many years, plans to retire in 2024. The great news is that David has generously offered to remain available and offer his support through the transition period. Having his experience and expertise as a resource will provide continuity and ensure that things go smoothly while we maintain the high quality of our programs.

Click here for information about the Executive Director position:

I will stay engaged with SJW while the new Executive Director steps into their leadership position, though I will shift away from the full-time role I’ve played for over 50 years, allowing for the Executive Director to envision and hire for the next chapter of the organization’s artistic direction.  As founder of the organization, I will remain on the board and will take on several board-directed projects.

I feel that our timing for these changes is excellent. SJW is emerging from the initial uncertainties of the pandemic on strong footing organizationally and at a high point both musically and educationally, and we are so fortunate that David will be around to provide continuity and support if needed.

I am so grateful to everyone who has helped build SJW, particularly the musicians who have contributed their time and energy. This incredible organization today is an expression of the love that so many folks have for this great music which allows us to inspire, educate, and join-in with others to share the wonderful gift that is jazz.

Thank you for everything you have brought to SJW. Onward!

With gratitude and deep appreciation for all we have done together,

Jim Nadel
Founder and Artistic Director

Director of Education
Stanford Jazz Workshop
Lecturer (Jazz Studies)
Stanford University Department of Music