This week has been an incredible learning opportunity for me as a student, and I can’t wait to apply all that I’ve learned here in my outside musical career. The level of skill and growth I attained this week is priceless. I love the Stanford Jazz Workshop.
~ Jazz Institute participant

For adults; ages 17 and under admitted with personal statement or essay

Prerequisite: 12 months instruction, Personal statement if under 18

July 29– August 3, 2018

Stanford University Campus

Program Highlights:

  • Taught by world-renowned percussionist Tupac Mantilla

  • Open to all musicians, not just drummers

  • Builds individual creativity and teamwork through rhythm and body awareness

Program Focus

  • Classes in body percussion
    and culture-specific percussion
  • Group communication and awareness
  • Creativity and improvisation
  • Cross-cultural and cross-genre approach
    Cognitive and developmental benefits
    to improvising rhythm instruments in group settings
  • Expands awareness of world cultures
    and their musics

To register for World Rhythm @ SJW, sign up for Jazz Institute, and select “World Rhythm” as your instrument.

World Rhythm @ SJW

World percussionist Tupac Mantilla returns to the 2018 SJW Jazz Institute to lead the World Rhythm @ SJW program, an intensive and enjoyable week of rhythm for all musicians interested in making music with drums, hand percussion, body percussion, and found instruments.

Rhythm is at the heart of all we do. It’s an integral art of life and our well-being. In this week-long immersive program, Tupac will lead you on a percussive journey that will not only improve your individual musicianship, but will also increase your awareness, communication skills, and creativity. Perfect for group team building and leadership, as well as for musical fun!

In addition to participating in hands-on classes focused on particular styles, you’ll get instruction on a wide variety of instruments, including cajon, djembe, shekere, bongos, congas, bells, shakers, and more. Increase your rhythmic vocabulary and ensemble skills in daily percussion ensemble rehearsals, and show the world your new cross-cultural percussive styles on the main stage at the Jazz Institute Showcase.

Examples of World Rhythm classes:

  • Rhythm-nastics
  • World Rhythm Theory
  • World Rhythm Ensemble
  • Afro Rhythm Connection
  • Body Percussion
  • Percussion Objects
  • Drum Circle
  • Indian Rhythm Power Concepts

Co-sponsored by PERCUACTION