Online Code of Conduct

SJW Online Code of Conduct

Students have the right to express themselves and participate freely in all online classes. However, they are expected to treat each other and the instructors with courtesy and respect. Offensive or inappropriate language is not to be used in any form of communication e.g., emails, discussion postings, group projects, submitted assignments. Students are allowed to disagree with each other or the instructor but must do so in a civil manner. Attire worn during online sessions must conform to standards that would apply during normal in-person classrooms. This applies not only to the student, but to anyone who may be in the background of student’s online screen and observable by other class participants.

The discussion and chat areas of the courses are reserved for postings related to course work only. Postings of a personal or unrelated nature are not permitted and will be removed by the instructor should they appear. Emails or chats to the instructor that are considered offensive or inappropriate are not permitted.

Any student violating any of the conditions of this Code of Conduct may be removed from the course at any time without notice at the sole discretion of SJW management. In such a case, students will not be entitled to any refund of course tuition.

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