Giant Steps Jazz Online

Whether you’re an experienced young jazzer or a middle school musician who has never played jazz at all, you’ll improve more quickly than you ever thought possible in Giant Steps Jazz Online. You’ll meet twice per week for eight weeks with some of our top jazz educators to work on improvisation, instrument technique, jazz styles, music theory, and jazz history. One weekly meeting will be devoted to giving you a solid understanding of what makes jazz tick, and the other will be a masterclass in which you’ll improve your skills on your instrument along with a small number of students at your same skill level. With SJW’s exclusive virtual combo program, you’ll get to be part of a fantastic band and play some of the most famous jazz songs ever, as well as getting a chance to be soloist, front and center.

For all middle school instrumentalists
currently enrolled in their school music programs

No jazz experience required! If your school does not have a music program, concurrent enrollment is not required.

SJW’sGiant Steps Jazz Online is a completely new interactive online program for middle school instrumental musicians that will help you improve your technique, supercharge your improvisation skills, and give you a solid foundation for becoming a jazz musician.

What do you get in Giant Steps Jazz Online?

  • Exclusive virtual combo playing experience that is only available from the Stanford Jazz Workshop
  • Lots of attention on fundamentals, technique, and improvisation
  • One weekly session with one of our directors to work on concepts, composition, transcription, and more
  • One weekly masterclass with SJW faculty that focuses on instrumental fundamentals, technique, and repertoire
  • Individual feedback on playing, improvising, and ensemble performance
  • You’ll be grouped with students of similar experience levels to your own


  • One 60-minute session with program instructor per week, for eight weeks
  • One 60-minute masterclass with instrumental coaches per week, for eight weeks


Class meetings: One full class session on Tuesdays from 4 pm – 5 pm, and and one masterclass session on Thursdays from 4 pm -5 pm will be included. First class will be on Tuesday, March 8.

All times are Pacific Standard Time. Schedule subject to change.

Program tuition: $595 per semester, non-refundable. (Limited need-based financial aid is available. Please contact [email protected] for more information.)

To apply: No audition is required for admission; simply register for Giant Steps Jazz Online by clicking on the Sign Up Now button below. You’ll receive information about creating and submitting a placement evaluation recording, which will enable your instructors to place you in classes with others at your same level of experience. The deadline to submit your placement evaluation recording is September 20, 2021; late registrations can be accepted, but only as long as space in the program is still available.

faculty and masterclass coaches

Important information

Warmup No. 1: Dorian mode. Get in shape with the SJW faculty!

Warm up No. 2: Mixolydian mode. Get your technique together by playing along!