Soul times two

Bay Area Latin Soul Project / Valerie Troutt

Sunday, July 10

7:30 p.m.

Dinkelspiel Auditorium

SJW MEMBER: $27 / $37 |  Child (17 and under) & Student (present valid student ID card) $15

NON-MEMBER: $33 / $43 |  Child (17 and under) & Student (present valid student ID card) $18

Ticket prices include all fees; what you see is what you pay.

Programs, personnel, venues, and pricing subject to change without notice.


Bay Area Latin Soul
Vincent De Jesus, drums
David Lechuga, guitar
Obrayan Calderon, trombone, vocals
Silvestre Martinez, congas
Ernesto Mazar, bass
Gavin Grant, spoken word

Valerie Troutt, vocals
Caili O’Doherty, piano
Mikailo Kasha, bass
Cory Cox, drums

About Vincent De Jesus and Valerie Troutt

Vincent De Jesus is a drummer, percussionist and teaching artist with roots in Mexico and Puerto Rico from San Antonio, Texas. Currently living in San Francisco, Vincent leads the Bay Area Latin Soul Project, a kaleidoscopic group fusing the Afro-Caribbean styles of Cuba and Puerto Rico with Black American music from the US like jazz, funk and hip-hop.

Valerie Troutt is an amazing vocal artist based in Oakland, California. Steeped in gospel and jazz, Valerie is a musical collagist, borrowing from ancestral centuries of sound, channeling spirits, and delivering the stories of our love, loss, and lives. There’s a light in this unapologetically unconventional artist/teacher/activist for whom art and activism are intertwined. Within this spiritual and social justice-driven performer is a lifelong hunger for craft, for connection, for cultural narratives and an indefatigable thirst to serve as an agape griot to a waiting people.

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