Rebeca Mauleón and Afro Kuban Fusion

A Latin jazz piano powerhouse.

Rebeca Mauleón

  • Rebeca Mauleón - piano
  • Marty Wehner - trombone
  • Mike Olmos - trumpet
  • Justo Almario - saxophone
  • Eric Barberia - vocals/percussion
  • Gary Brown - bass
  • Carlos Caro - percussion
  • Vernon Black - guitar
  • Jimmy Branly - drums
  • Jesus Diaz - congas

Event Description

Inside Jazz: The Afro-Cuban Legacy, with Rebeca Mauleón - Sunday, July 21, 6:30 p.m., prior to Rebeca Mauleón and Afro Kuban Fusion

Pianist. Composer. Arranger. Musicologist. Visionary. The brilliant and fiery Rebeca Mauleón brings her electrifying new band, Afro Kuban Fusion, to Stanford. With an explosive combination of current and new Latin styles, the band features some of the West Coast’s leading players, such as sensational drummer Jimmy Branly and percussionists Carlos Caro and Jesús Diaz. Currently a fully-tenured professor at City College of San Francisco, Rebeca always delivers performances that leave the concert-goer enlightened and uplifted. And she quite literally wrote the books on modern Latin piano: The Latin Real Book, Salsa Guidebook, and two more. Playing with Carlos Santana and Tito Puente, writing for National Geographic, lecturing at UC Berkeley or scoring for Electronic Arts, she’s a musical juggernaut.  

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