Jazz Organ Blowout with Chester Thompson, Tony Monaco, and Midori Ono

The hottest organ trios imaginable.

  • Chester Thompson - Hammond organ
  • Tony Monaco - Hammond organ
  • Midori Ono - Hammond organ
  • Bruce Forman - guitar
  • Brian Pardo - guitar
  • Barry Finnerty - guitar
  • Akira Tana - drums
  • Darrell Green - drums
  • Ron E. Beck - drums
  • Howard Wiley - saxophone

Event Description

Popularized by Jimmy Smith in the mid-’50s and ’60s, the classic jazz organ trio is a sound that is central to the soul of jazz. The Hammond B-3 organ is capable of incredible expressivity and sensitivity as well as outright power, and the three organists on this special presentation are all virtuosos, having made their own unique contributions to the legend, lore, and excitement of the genre. Co-presented by the Stanford Jazz Festival and the Jazz Organ Fellowship, tonight’s show is a special tribute to former Tower of Power and Santana organist Chester Thompson (composer of “Squib Cakes”), backed by guitarist Bruce Forman and drummer Darrel Green. Also on the bill are the amazing Hammond organists Tony Monaco and Midori Ono, each backed by a groove-oriented, all-star rhythm section.

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Sponsored by David Coelho.