Everything You Wanted to Know About Jazz

Jazz demystified

Jim Nadel

  • Jim Nadel - saxophone
  • Kristen Strom - saxophone
  • Geechi Taylor - trumpet
  • Fred Harris - piano
  • Perry Thoorsell - bass
  • Jason Lewis - drums

Event Description

“In case [jazz wasn’t] covered as part of your liberal arts education, the Stanford Jazz Festival is there to help.” —S.F. Examiner

As a jazz listener, have you ever felt mystified by something you saw on the bandstand or heard on a record? Perhaps you’re new to jazz and you wonder how they all play together without any sheet music, or why people don’t applaud at the end of all those short little drum solos. Or maybe you’re a longtime jazz aficionado but you’re not clear what differentiates modal improvisation from . . . well, you get the idea. It’s no surprise; jazz musicians can be a mysterious bunch, with their esoteric language, nocturnal lifestyle, and often-indecipherable liner notes. Stanford Jazz Workshop Founder Jim Nadel is on the faculty of Stanford University’s Department of Music and a leader in the field of jazz education. With encyclopedic knowledge and contagious enthusiasm, he can demystify the world of jazz and help anyone develop a deeper appreciation of America’s greatest art form. For adults and mature children.

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