Calvin Keys Quartet

He’s so good, Pat Metheny wrote a song about him.

Calvin Keys

  • Calvin Keys - guitar
  • Brian Ho - organ
  • Art Maxwell - flute and saxophone
  • Leon Joyce - drums

Event Description

When you spend decades as a sideman with Jimmy Smith, Earl “Fatha” Hines, Freddie Hubbard, Taj Mahal, and Ray Charles, as Calvin Keys has, you acquire a special musical power. Pat Metheny called him “the real deal,” and wrote the song “Calvin’s Keys” in tribute to him. He flourished in his seven-year touring and recording tenure with jazz legend Ahmad Jamal. And Calvin’s classic 1971 recording, “Shawn-Neeq,” has become a musical landmark for jazz and blues guitar players alike. Whether he’s soloing over hip-hop tracks or digging into a complex be-bop tune, Calvin is always what student, colleague, and jazz guitar great Bruce Forman calls, “a true jazzman.”

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Photo © Stephanie Mohan.

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