Jazz Camp financial aid deadline looming: March 24

Financial aid is still available for youth aged 17 and under for Jazz Day Camp, Jazz Camp, and Jazz Institute. In 2013, we distributed over $100,000 in financial aid for underserved youth, which enabled nearly 100 deserving and talented young jazz musicians to immerse themselves in the study of jazz with some of the leading artists in the world. The deadline is March 24, and there are several items that must be prepared prior to that. The time to act is now; here’s what you have to do:
  • Parent or legal guardian should create an SJW account online; click here to go to the account setup page.
  • Register for the program you wish to attend.
  • Select the financial aid option you wish.
  • Submit a $25 non-refundable application fee and a deposit of $100. The deposit will be refunded if the student is unable to attend due to not receiving sufficient financial assistance.
Once your registration is processed, we’ll follow up with a confirmation email that includes a supplement that must be completed and returned by March 24. The supplement will include the following, but feel free to get a head start by downloading and completing these tasks if you can:
  • Student essay: Download a Word document template here.
  • Letter of recommendation from your music instructor: Download a Word document template here.
  • Proof of current financial situation; to be completed by the parent. When you submit the financial aid supplement, we ask you to include a copy of the first page of your most recent 1040 Federal Tax return, along with W2s, 1099s and/or other relevant documentation and information. You may write us a letter explaining your financial situation if you do not have access to these materials or if you feel they do not reflect your current situation.
All financial aid applications and all supplemental materials must be received by March 24, 2014. Click here for more information.