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Stanford Jazz Workshop is pleased to announce the 2010/2011 Jazz Mentors:

John Britton - Trumpet (website)
Ben Flocks - Tenor saxophone (website)
Matt Marantz -Tenor and alto saxophone (website)
Natalie Cressman -Trombone (website)
Reuben Allen - Piano (website)
Martin Nevin - Bass (website)
Cory Cox -Drums (website)

About the Mentor Program:

The application period for the 2010/2011 cycle is now closed.

A Two-Year Teacher Internship Program conducted by Stanford Jazz Workshop
July 17-30, 2010

Program Summary

Jazz Mentors is a teacher internship program that provides on-the-job teacher training and professional mentorship to a select group of aspiring jazz musicians between the ages of 18-25 within the context of Stanford Jazz Workshop’s summer Jazz Camp at Stanford University (35 miles south of San Francisco, California). Involving up to 10 interns, 450 students between the ages of 12 and 17, and 50 faculty members, the Jazz Mentors Program represents a multi-generational, community-oriented approach to teaching and learning about jazz. The participating interns will also receive ample opportunities for artistic development through public performance and coaching from select SJW faculty.

The Jazz Mentors teacher internship program:

  • Provides teacher training and teaching experience for emerging young jazz players
  • Offers a stipend of $1,000 plus food and housing for two weeks (July 17th-30th) of hard work
  • Presents opportunities for interacting and playing with different world class resident faculty members each week: this year’s residents will be Junior Mance, Charles McPherson, Tootie Heath, and Ndugu Chancler. Past residents have included Wycliffe Gordon, Regina Carter, Marcus Belgrave, Matt Wilson, Jimmy Heath, Donald Harrison, and Geoff Keezer

Who is Eligible
Successful candidates for the Jazz Mentors program will be emerging professional jazz musicians, between the ages of 18-25, with an interest in gaining teaching experience. The program is not designed for those who are in or have completed a degree program related to teaching or those with significant prior teaching experience. Candidates must be accomplished players that can demonstrate a functional knowledge of “straight ahead” jazz and should have the experience and repertoire necessary for public performance.

In addition, Jazz Mentors candidates should:

  • Be able to take direction from program staff and faculty members
  • Be able to serve as positive role models to younger students
  • Have the stamina to work long hours for a two-week period
  • Be prepared to perform in a variety of concert and jam session settings
  • Possess the communication skills and sensitivity to be able to function well within a diverse community of students, faculty, and staff

About Stanford Jazz Workshop and Jazz Camp
Stanford Jazz Workshop, now in its 39h year, is an independent nonprofit organization that operates on the Stanford University campus each summer. Its core programs include two weeks of Jazz Camp (for ages 12-17), one week of Jazz Residency (for adults and advanced youth), and the six-week Stanford Jazz Festival concert series.

Jazz Camp accepts young instrumentalists (almost any instrument) and vocalists. The curriculum focuses on small-ensemble playing, with additional instruction in ear-training, theory, and instrument-specific topics (master class). Student skill levels range from beginning (at least 18 months experience) to advanced. While most students are from Northern California, there is also a significant contingent of out-of-state and international students. The Jazz Camp faculty numbers roughly 50 each week and is a diverse group of established jazz players, experienced teachers, and emerging professionals. Approximately half of the faculty hails from New York or areas other than the San Francisco Bay Area. A partial list of past Jazz Camp faculty members includes Jimmy Heath, Marcus Belgrave, Regina Carter, Tootie Heath, Rob Schneiderman, Ndugu Chancler, Tia Fuller, Andrew Speight, Ruth Davies, Joe Gilman, Bennett Paster, Wycliffe Gordon, and Sasha Dobson.

Details of the Jazz Mentors Program
Interns will need to commit to the full two-week program. During the first week, first-year interns will spend a significant amount of time team-teaching with more experienced faculty members, with some time devoted to leading their own classes and conducting private lessons. The second week of the program will see all interns taking on full teaching duties, which may include leading (or co-leading) a combo, conducting a master class, teaching ear-training, assisting in a theory class, and giving lessons. During the entire two weeks, interns will perform frequently at the Stanford Coffee House jam session and may also perform in Stanford Jazz Festival concerts. The program will also include opportunities for coaching and feedback on both teaching and playing from various SJW faculty members.

Multi-Year Participation
Stanford Jazz Workshop seeks to maintain a group of 6 -10 interns each summer. Those who are invited back for the second year of the program will have increased responsibility, acting as full faculty members. Participants should be prepared for a two-year commitment; eligibility for the second year will be decided by faculty review following the first summer.

First year interns will receive a $500 per week stipend, in addition to food and housing in Stanford University dormitories. Interns are responsible for their own transportation to and from Stanford.

For More Information
If you are interested in recommending a candidate or would yourself like to be considered a candidate for the Jazz Mentors program, please contact Patrick Wolff by email at


Applicants should submit a cover letter explaining your interest in our program, audition recording per guidelines below, current résumé, mentor application form and at least two references.

The application period for the 2010/2011 cycle is now closed.



The recording should be clear and representative of the applicant’s sound. It should be no longer then 15 minutes. Remember to present the head clearly and take the FIRST solo. You want to get our attention in the first 3 minutes of each song.

Please submit the following performances in the order specified.

  • A medium tempo blues
  • A classic jazz ballad of your choice, either by a jazz composer or from the great American songbook.
  • An up-tempo jazz standard

You can submit your audition on a CD or in three separate mp3 files.

If you are sending mp3 files: Label each file with your last name and the song name, for example: “wolff_confirmation.mp3”. Attach the files to an email with your full name and “Mentor Audition” in the subject line, and send to

If you are sending a CD: Mark the CD with your name, phone number, and e-mail address. Please mail your audition materials to:

Attn. Patrick Wolff
Jazz Mentors Audition
Stanford Jazz Workshop
PO Box 20454
Stanford CA 94309

Questions? Please contact Patrick Wolff by email at

Download Mentor Program Description as PDF
Download Mentor Audition Guidelines as PDF
Download Mentor Application Form as PDF


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