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2009 Faculty

Below is the past faculty list for SJW's 2009 educational summer programs. The week(s) that faculty were in attendance during the 2009 season is indicated next to their name (JC1 = Jazz Camp Week 1, JC2 = Jazz Camp Week 2, JR = Jazz Residency). Individuals with a (*) next to their name offered special one-day presentations and were not be in attendance the entire week. Faculty who are part of the Jazz Mentors Teacher/Intern Program are indicated by "JM".

Ruth Davies (website) (JC1)
Ray Drummond (website) (JR)
Larry Grenadier (website) (JR)
Rob Kohler (website) (JC1, JC2, JR)
Seward McCain (website) (JC1, JR)
Jorge Roeder JM (website) (JC1, JC2)
Josh Thurston-Milgrom (JC1, JC2, JR)
Eugene Warren (JC1, JC2)
John Wiitala (JR)
David Wong (website) (JC2)

Jon Arkin (website) (JC1, JC2)
Donald Bailey (JR)
Tim Bulkley (website) (JR)
Ndugu Chancler (website) (JC1)
Mike Davis (website) (JC1)
Austin Harris (JC2)
Louis Hayes (website) (JR)
Tootie Heath (JC2, JR*)
Gregory Hutchinson (website) (JR)
Jaz Sawyer (website) (JC1)
Matt Wilson (website) (JC2)

Peter Bernstein (website) (JR)
Julian Lage
(website) (JC2, JR)
Paul Orbell JM (website) (JC1, JC2)
Scott Sorkin (website) (JC1)
David Yamasaki (website) (JC1, JC2)

John Calloway (website) (JR)
Larry Dunlap (website) (JR)
Taylor Eigsti
(website) (JC2, JR)
Joe Gilman (website) (JC1)
David Hazeltine (website) (JR)
Reed Kotler (website) (JR)
Pascal Le Boeuf JM (website) (JC1, JC2)
Mulgrew Miller (website) (JR)*
Nina Ott (website) (JC1)
Jeb Patton (website) (JC2)
Randy Porter (website) (JR)
Richard Sears (JR)
Frank Sumares (website) (JC1, JC2)


Eric Alexander (website) (JR)
John Calloway (website) (JR)
Donald Harrison (website) (JC1)
Jimmy Heath (website) (JR)
Melecio Magdaluyo (JC1, JC2)
Bob Murphy (website) (JC1, JC2, JR)
Jesse Scheinin JM (website) (JC1, JC2)
Anton Schwartz (website) (JC2)
Andrew Speight (website) (JC1, JC2, JR)
Dayna Stephens (website) (JR)
Kristen Strom (website) (JC1, JC2)
Patrick Wolff (website) (JC1, JC2, JR)

Victor Lin (web site) (JC1, JC2, JR)

Jeff Cressman (website) (JC2)
Steve Davis (website) (JR)
Dave Gregoric (website) (JC1)
Wayne Wallace (website) (JC2)

Ambrose Akinmusire (website) (JR)
Bryan Chahley JM (website) (JC1, JC2)
Erik Jekabson (website) (JC1, JC2)
Khalil Shaheed (website) (JC2)
Terell Stafford (website) (JR)

Sandy Cressman (website) (JC2)
Dena DeRose
(website) (JR)
Madeline Eastman (website) (JR)
Wendy McCain (JC1)
Peggy Stern (website) (JC1)


Stanford Jazz Workshop (SJW) programs provide opportunities to study and play with many of the top artists working in jazz today. Participants experience jazz in all its forms, receive hands-on training, enjoy Stanford University's exceptional campus environment and attend nightly concerts that showcase SJW's all-star faculty in action.

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