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2010 Jazz Residency
(For K-12 Educators and Junior College Faculty)

august 1 – August 6, 2010
Through a partnership with University of San Diego, Continuing Education Division, K-12 educators and junior college faculty many earn graduate-level professional growth units* for their participation in Jazz Residency. Depending upon program selection, teachers can earn 2-4 semester units during their week at the Stanford Jazz Workshop:

Jazz Residency (USD# EDU 571AD) : 3 semester units
Jazz Residency (Auditor) (USD# EDU 571AE) : 2 semester units
Teaching Instrumental Jazz (USD# EDU 571AF) : 1 semester unit (Participation in this course requires enrollment in the regular or auditor version of Jazz Residency; there is no separate registration for this course. )

Semester unit costs of $60 per unit must be paid no later than August 1, 2010. (Enrollment and payment will be accepted on Registration Day.) Proof of employment (photocopy of current faculty ID, website listing school faculty, etc.) must also be provided.

Please follow the normal procedure for enrolling in the Jazz Residency or Jazz Residency (Auditor) program. In addition, please complete this form (Adobe PDF) and submit it following the instructions on the form. The processing of your actual USD enrollment will take place when you arrive at Jazz Residency.

For questions about the Jazz Residency or other Stanford Jazz Workshop programs, please email or phone 650.736.0324. For questions about the University of San Diego units, please contact Allan Varni at or by phone at 650.948.6545.

Teaching Instrumental Jazz (1 unit)
In addition to the regular Jazz Residency curriculum, educators may choose to enroll in an additional class that examines the teaching of instrumental jazz. Geared towards educators who are new to teaching jazz or are looking for fresh ideas, this course will be particularly useful to those looking to start or improve a jazz combo program, or to enhance the improvisational component of a big band program. Topics will include improvisation, rhythm section concepts, comping, organizing rehearsal time, and the development of repertoire and teaching materials. For questions, email

*USD Continuing Education graduate level classes are designed for the professional growth of practicing teachers. While credit can be used for salary advancement, teachers are advised to gain prior approval from the appropriate division within their own school district.

The University of San Diego operates on the semester system and credit is awarded in semester units with each unit indicating approximately fifteen hours of classroom time. (Most school districts accept EDU 500-599 series courses as credit for Professional Development purposes.)

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