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SJW Artist Submission Policy

Dear Artists, Managers, Agents, and Teachers,
We welcome your submissions for consideration for our festival, concert series, and education programs. Due to the current number of applicants we ask that you follow these guidelines when submitting materials.

What should I send?
You may send us any information or material you think pertinent to your offering.
Materials can include; recordings (CD only), resume, photos, press clippings, bios, etc.
Any ticket sales reports you may have pertaining to the San Francisco Bay Area would be very useful to us. Please do not send materials to SJW that you may want returned.

Where do I send it?
Please send submissions by regular mail to:

Jim Nadel
Stanford Jazz Workshop
PO Box 20454
Stanford, CA 94309

Make sure to include your email address on the package so we can try to reply to let you know that we have received your package.

When should I make submissions?
Please submit materials only during the months of September through February. We do most of the planning for all of our programs at least 8 months in advance. Materials submitted during the above time frame are guaranteed to be looked at, listened to, and considered. Materials submitted during other times may not be considered, as we will be busy with the current program production.

After your package has been sent:
We will try to contact you by email to confirm your package was received. Materials sent to SJW will be utilized at the discretion of the SJW staff. If we are interested in presenting you, or need more information from you, we will contact you.

Other contact:
Please make any other contact by email. Questions can be directed to: info@stanfordjazz.org.

Please do not call our offices unless asked to do so. Due to the overwhelming interest in performance and faculty opportunities and our busy office schedule, we cannot always accept or return solicitation phone calls.

As you may guess, each year we receive more submissions then we have possible openings on our calendar. If you have previously sent materials and were not invited to participate in our programs it does not mean that we do not have interest in you or your group. You are welcome to make further submissions for future festivals and programs and keep in touch by email. We enjoy hearing about your latest projects.

Thanks you for complying with the guidelines listed above, as they will give you and/or your group the best opportunity to be considered for our programs. We appreciate your commitment to jazz, and are honored that you are interested in working with Stanford Jazz Workshop.

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